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Smart Hostel Packing List in 2021- Mandatory Things to Carry In your Bag Packs

It was this day four years agoWe, cocoons from various parts Came flying into a common shelter Mourning inside in tearsToday,We moulded into beautiful butterfliesUnable to fly out of the shelterBursting into happy tears…..We can never forget…The first of our meeting….. By PSNA Hostel Diaries The word hostel diaries remind us of the journey of hostel life […]

Hostel Life

How to Adjust in Hostel Life in the Post-Covid Time

Students may curse hostels for tasteless food, pathetic rooms, and warden rules but there are family memories that make them special throughout life. For beginners, it might be difficult to adjust to the new environment as the degree of comfort takes a U-turn in hostel life. The days begin with a lie when mom calls […]

Hostel Life

Boys Hostel In Kota- A Youthful and Exciting Life For Nerds

Four Phones, One ChargerFour Faces, One Face WashFour People, One Name- “Roomies” If we look back to our college or school days, the hostel days were the best memories.  One cannot forget those late night gossips, kettle noodles, and the mini theatre where friends congregate to watch a movie or web series. The bustling city […]

Hostel Life

Why Girls Hostel In Patna Is A Better Option For Working Women

Staying in a hostel is one of the finest decisions of an individual. It is a life that every youth must experience once in a lifetime. It is a journey from “I don’t share my room with anyone” to “All my roommates are really nice”. Those messy rooms, Late night strolls, midnight snacks, the warden […]

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The Online Reunion- Virtual New Year Party Ideas For Hostel Students

The year 2021 has come up with the corona vaccine update that is a sigh of relief. With the recovery rate touching 95%, we are on the verge of winning over the pandemic. However, there are many restrictions all over India on the social gathering. This has led to limited new year celebration ideas. Hostel […]