We believe the most important determinant for improving education is the allocation of educational resources for students.

Founded in 2018, Find My Drona (FMD) works to empower students and catalyze their individual development through aggregation of educational resources on a single platform. FMD aggregates coachings, hostels, mess and stationery and creates an environment for competencies rooted in high standards. It connects outstanding resources to aspiring individuals who strive for self discipline, self actualisation and professional development.

FMD aggregation, comprising of Micro-Credentials, is based on the FMD Standards, a well-accepted and internationally-benchmarked set of competencies for the resources. Our methodology is scientific, research-backed and fact-based, supported by an advisory board of eminent leaders and young and dynamic professionals.

FMD’s aggregation of resources goes through a high-quality assessment that leads to a score which any individual interested in utilizing can browse on the application/ portal and select as per their own choice and interest.

More than 100,000 coachings, 50000 hostels from 650+ cities, towns and villages across India are part of FMD’s endeavour to connect students with the required resources to vail their educational opportunities and career growth.