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It was this day four years ago
We, cocoons from various parts 
Came flying into a common shelter 
Mourning inside in tears
We moulded into beautiful butterflies
Unable to fly out of the shelter
Bursting into happy tears…..
We can never forget…
The first of our meeting…..

By PSNA Hostel Diaries

The word hostel diaries remind us of the journey of hostel life from the first day when students from different parts congregated at a place for our future. Remember the day you entered the hostel room with your bag packs having your clothes and home made snacks prepared by your mother?
Oh! How nostalgic!
The hostel was not only a place to stay but was a feeling or emotion to rejoice the moments we had spent with our group in the past school/college days.

What Did You Pack For Your Hostel Journey?
Do you remember what your bag packs had when you moved into the hostel? The obvious answer would be yes! Who can forget those days of cooking noodles in a kettle and those midnight gossips? What makes this life special is the correct packing you do before entering into the new phase of your life. If you try to list down your articles, it would be:

  • Casual/Formal Dresses
  • Books, and Stationaries
  • Snacks, and 
  • Basic toiletries
  • Gadgets, If any

Isn’t the list seems incomplete for 2021? The traditional hostel packing included the above-mentioned items but 2021 has few more articles to be included in the list. Hostel life is great for so many reasons and one of them being your necessities makes it even greater. So, if it’s you who is shifting in the hostel next, make sure to have these articles packed in your bag for a better stay and hostel life. 

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21 Items For Hostel Packing To Carry in 2021:
When it comes to a hostel stay you have the option between dorms or private rooms. In addition to your dresses and snacks, you should include the following list of items in your bag when packing for a hostel stay.

  1. Earplugs: Earplugs are not only to listen and rejuvenate the musical world. It creates a silence around you that helps you in concentrating and studying. 
  1. Eye-Mask: Those uneven sleeping hours of your partner will disturb your sleep. An eye mask is compulsory to sleep evenly. 
  1. A Small Table Lamp: Do not disturb your partner with lights on. Your table lamp will help you in studying without disturbing the sleeping hours. 
  1. A Padlock for the locker: Every hostel provides a locker to safeguard your expensive items or money. Pack a padlock for the locker.
  1. Sandals or Flip Flops: Formal and casual shoes are a must but you need to carry a sandal or flip flops for other purposes like visiting a beach, shopping, etc. 
  1. Travel-Sized Toiletries: The articles under this kit are extremely necessary. These are related to your daily needs. The kit includes:
    Comb or brush
    Shaving cream/razor
    Sunscreen (if necessary)
    Contact lens solution
    Spare contact lenses 
    Feminine products
  1. Spare Set of Glasses: To be on the safer side, you should carry a pair of glasses for your daily needs. Keep one glass for dailyuse and the other one in your locker or bag. 
  1. Tupperware: A set of Tupperware tiffin boxes or a tiffin box with the heating system. Just plug on and enjoy hot food.
  1. A Power Adapter: Carry a fully-charged power adapter. Use it in your emergency time. 
  1. USB Multi-Charger + chargers: We know the supreme importance of a charger in our life. Carry a USB multi-charger along with your regular phone chargers.
  1. Stuffable Bags: Even if you travel super-light, you must carry stuffable bags for any travel purposes.    
  1. Any Medication: If you are prescribed any medicine by the doctor, make sure you carry them extra in your bags. Check for online medicine delivery portals whether they deliver the prescribed medicine or not. 
  1. The Hostel Address:Though google maps have perfect navigation, it is necessary to write down the hostel address in your diary. Not only the hostel address but jot down as many details you can
  1. A Quick-Dry or Microfiber Towel: The advantage of a microfiber towel is that they dry fast. Keep a set of towels for your use. 
  1. Pack your hobby: Hobbies can be many.  Books, UNO cards, games, or artwork. Do carry your hobby. 
  1. Digital Copy of your Documents: Apart from the photocopies, (2 sets),carry digital copies of your documents in Google drive.  
  1. Laptop or Tablet: That’s the gadget that will help you in your studies and project work. Remember, you will be overloaded with assignments throughout the semesters.
  1. Hand Sanitiser and Disinfectant: The onset of the Covid-19 corona pandemic has made hand sanitizer and disinfectants common in every household. Carry it with you in your luggage. Also, buy pocket sanitizers so that you can use them anytime.
  1. Facemask: WHO recommends wearing a triple-layered facemask to save yourself from the ill effects of Covid-19. It keeps you safe from any coronavirus transmission. 

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  1. Electric Kettle: A small electric kettle serves a lot. No need to visit the in-house canteen for hot water. Just plug your kettle and get warm water whenever needed. Also, midnight Maggie noodles will be your everlasting memory. 

21. Bed sheets and pillow cover: Though you don’t need to carry bedding for your hostel stay, it is recommended to carry extra bed sheets and pillow covers for emergencies.

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