Hostel Life

Four Phones, One Charger
Four Faces, One Face Wash
Four People, One Name- “Roomies”

If we look back to our college or school days, the hostel days were the best memories.  One cannot forget those late night gossips, kettle noodles, and the mini theatre where friends congregate to watch a movie or web series. The bustling city of Kota, the third-largest city in Rajasthan, is a hub of boys hostels and girls hostels. Students who are inspired to crack IIT/IIM or any civil service examination move to Kota for proper coaching studies, routine life, and expert guidance. 

However, one of the facts of this city is that it makes students a nerd who are studying 18 hours of the day to crack the exam for their respective career. Kota, being a hub of coaching institutes guides the career aspirants to achieve their goal. On the other end, it creates hostel memories for a lifetime to rejoice. There aretopboys hostels in Kota and top girls hostels in Kota that assures safety, security and render an amicable environment to study.

Basic Needs of a Student in Boys/Girls hostels in Kota?
When you pack your bags for Kota to study and explore the city, there are few necessary things your backpacks must-have. It’s the new phase of your life where boys hostel or girls hostel will be the new residence. Here are some articles you should pack for your new hostel life:

A Microfiber Travel Towel:
Don’t just carry any towel. Carry a microfiber towel as they dry fast after washing.  They are the most useful and priority things after your dresses.

Carry a Complete Travel Toiletry Set:You can purchase them anytime before your packing starts. But it is a necessary item on your list. The complete set consists of:

  • Shower gel/ Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Electric trimmer 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Sunscreen
  • Hair Brush or comb

Flip-flop Slippers:
When it comes to staying in a hostel and using shared washrooms, flip-flop slippers are a must.

Laundry bag:
You will get less time to wash your clothes. Maybe once a week, on Sundays. Dump your dirty clothes in the laundry bag.

Face mask:
As we know that hostels and coaching are now open after covid-19 pandemic and masks have been made compulsory; it should be on your priority list. Do carry your hand sanitiser. Also, the sleeping hours can differ for everyone. In this case, the sleeping mask/eye mask will help.

 Why Hostel Life In Kota is Youthful and Exciting?
Kota is a student-driven city. The maximum crowd is of young boys and girls who attend heavy coaching hours and conduct personal studies till the end of the day. You can find students on the road going to their coaching classes and returning with a bag on their backs and a cone of ice-cream or hot steamed corn in their hand chit-chatting about lectures. The city has an amazing mixture of environment for studious studies and also for rejuvenating from regular life.  Here are some factors that make your life as a student in Kota exciting and wonderful:

New Companions as roommates/hostel mates:
When you are allotted a room in the hostel by the institution or book a room in a private hostel; you meet your new friend. The journey starts from being a stranger and ends as a best friend forever or best roomie. You explore their behavioral trends, eat together, get to know their taste and preference, etc. You will make each other’s life awesome by tidying and hanging out together. Moreover, hostel life means group fun. Gradually, you get to know all the members and form a group.

Discover Bland Thali Meals: A New Experience:
Do not expect restaurant-style or home-style food in the hostel mess. It is the time to discover that watery dal, bland veggies without spice quotient, and the rotis. However, there will be a good menu on Sundays and the Chinese menu on Wednesday/Thursday. Gradually, but you will adjust and enjoy those meals.

Your First Outing with Roommates:
Your first outing or a group fun will always be memorable. Either a movie or a dinner party in the restaurant, you will have endless selfies to rejoice your memories in the future.

Maggi Noodles- The Saviour for Midnight Hunger:
Only the hostel students can understand the importance of an electric kettle and a pack of Maggi noodles. When midnight hunger strikes, it is the best remedy to satiate it with friends. The joy of having noodles at midnight is something that you will not have experienced before in your home.

A Stroll at Indra Vihar or Talwandi Sector B:
Surprised on what special these places have? These two places in Kota serve the best street food in the city. Indira vihar is the home of the oldest pav-bhaji place serving tasty pav-bhaji for decades. On the other end, Talwandi sector B has Krishna Sandwich where you can get the best sandwiches in the city at a pocket-friendly price. It also has Thapa Ji Ke Momos outlet serving special momos with other Chinese items like fried rice and noodles.

You Start Breaking Hostel Rules: 
If rules are made to break, then hostel premises are a perfect example. You will remember the fun of jumping the hostel boundaries with your friends and silently entering the room to settle down. Those midnight birthday celebrations with cakes,cold drinks, and birthday bumps is a custom to follow even if the hostel warden scolds for hooting and shouting.

The Pizza Conspiracy:
One of the recent videos of a popular food delivery platform showcased the dilemma of a  pizza delivery boy when he reaches a boys hostel to deliver pizza in the correct room number. There were many students on the way to claim the order. However, the delivery boy saves the pizza using his acrobatics skill and delivers it to the correct location. You might face such a conspiracy. Be careful!

Kota is a place where students with career ambitions visit to clear their entrance exams. They get exposed to a life which they might haven’t experienced before. There are best boys hostels in Kota that offer sufficient amenities to the students to study and enjoy the new phase of life. 

If you are planning to settle in Kota and looking for the best boys hostel or best girls hostel, then download the Find My Drona App and get the list of top hostels in Kota. You can get details of the best hostels and coaching institutes in Kota and compare them for a great stay at affordable rates. Be ambitious in your career and enjoy the vibes of the architectural city of Kota.

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Author: Rohit Choubey