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Students may curse hostels for tasteless food, pathetic rooms, and warden rules but there are family memories that make them special throughout life. For beginners, it might be difficult to adjust to the new environment as the degree of comfort takes a U-turn in hostel life. The days begin with a lie when mom calls and asks “Breakfast ho gaya Beta” and the reply is “yes”. Gradually, life settles and the final year comes when friends are apart with promises to be in connection forever. Batches come and go but life in a hostel never changes. The same kettle noodles, same bland food, and same warden warnings.

How boys hostel in Kota are adjusting their life in hostels?
Kota is the coaching capital of India. Like New Delhi is a hub of coaching for students studying Chartered Accountancy and Company secretary; the Kota is a hub for students appearing in medical, engineering, CAT. MAT and other entrance exams. A huge crowd of students commutes to Kota for admissions in coaching centers. They also started to findboys hostel in Kotaand girls hostels in Kota to have a peaceful stay with rules and regulations. Students in Kota adjust their timings by attending heavy coaching hours and then relaxing for some time in their hostel room. Usually, the weekends are relaxing where they can explore the architecture and street food of Kota.

How boys hostel in Patna adjust their life in hostels?
Undoubtedly, Patna is also a hub of coaching centers where students from different regions of Bihar and Jharkhand commute to stay and study. There are many boys hostels in Patna, top boys hostels in boring road, best boys hostel in boring canal road, etc that provide a good stay with all the facilities. Students can be seen strolling on roads after their coaching hours and then back to their hostel room. These hostels provide good food to students.Students are dedicated to studies in their room before and after dinner. No doubt, that there are a large number of IAS and IPS officers that are the products of Bihar.

How Do Students in Patna and Kota adjust in Hostels with the New Normal?
As we know that the deadly coronavirus had hit the nation in March 2019 leading to the closure of schools, hostels, and colleges. Theimpact of covid 19 on hostelswas drastic. Various states in India had allowed schools, colleges, and hostels to open from 4th January with strict adherence to UGC guidelines. The hostels and educational institutes have to follow them on a strict basis with many changes.  

The good news is about the vaccination of Covid-19 that is about to knock on the doors of India. The entire education and hostel industry will reopen with the new normal. Students will have to adopt safety measures like a mask, face shields, sanitizers, and social distancing. 

Here are few measures that hostel premises should take care to safeguard their students:

  • Proper measures to be taken for social distancing. Only one-room sharing should be allowed.
  • Students must wear a triple-layered facemask when they go out for their classes or coachings. 
  • Proper sanitizers with 80% alcohol content must be placed in the gates, corridors, and kitchen premises.
  • Parking space and the hostel premises must be sanitized weekly.
  • Proper hygiene standards have to be followed in the canteen and dining area. 
  • Face Mask and face shields are compulsory for the cooks to maintain safety.
  • Every hostel staff shall follow and maintain the WHO guidelines of washing hands and using hand sanitizer. 
  • Staff responsible for cleaning the premises must use a minimum of 2% detergent and water solution or strong floor cleaners.

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Responsibilities of Students to be safe in Hostels:
Apart from the hostel management, students in the hostels should be responsible to be safe and secure as the pandemic is not over yet. 

  • Do not share snacks, food, plates, or any utensils.
  • Maintain social distancing wherever possible
  • Accept the new regulations of the hostel as they are for your safety.
  • Keep cleaning your rooms by yourself. The more cleanliness you maintain, the safer you are. 
  • Avoid lots of gathering in any room. Avoid any midnight party. If you want to celebrate, try to maintain social distancing wherever possible.
  • Be careful when you order food from outside. Make sure the restaurant or the delivery boys are following WHO rules and hygienic standards.
  • Safely help your roommates if they feel unwell.
  • Keep using hand sanitizer or wash your hands frequently when you come in touch with any dirty objects
  • Do not repeat your clothes. Wash them regularly after a single-use.

Accept the New Normal Hostel Rules
We know how life was easy in the pre-covid era but it is not so in the post-covid time. Though vaccines are a great relief, taking precautionary measures are mandatory. We have entered a new world where the mask, sanitizer, and social distancing are going to be the new normal. Accepting these new norms is better to be safe. 

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Author: Rohit Choubey