The Covid 19 pandemic has hit significantly almost all industry with only few exception which has seen growth. Accommodation industry such as Hotels and Hostels have took very big hit. The condition of owner of Hostel in Patna is worse. As we are most active Hostel booking website in India we are witnessing the pain of Hostel owners. Patna once called the hub of education due to huge gathering of students for preparation of Competitive exams such as IIT/ JEE, NEET/ Medical, Banking, SSC etc is hit very badly due to lockdown.

Even at the end of August while writing this blog Coaching Institutions are kept closed by authority, almost all of Girls Hostel in Patna or Boys hostel in Patna are depended directly on students of these Coaching Institutions. Not only the Coaching institutes shutdown have kept students away at home from staying at Patna but the closed Shopping mall have also did worse to Hostels where working women were staying. We have also found decline of Students at Girls PG and working women PG in Panta, where girls preferred to stay due to homely environment. Many Girls Pg in Patna have confirmed us that students have not returned or have confirmed to vacate due to uncertainty.

Impact of Covid 19 on Hostels

We have spoken to hundreds of Hostels owner and found that almost 50% of hostels owner in Patna have closed their business or about to shutdown Hostel due to mounting rental bills & fixed cost. And the condition of rest half is also not comfortable they are also feeling the pain of just paying the bills and trying to stay in business with almost whole 1 year / session ruined due to covid 19.

With rising Covid 19 cases in Bihar the hostel & pg owner will have to brace for this pandemic and build when the dust settles. Hostel and Coaching owner have not got any direct support from Government to let them sail through such tough time. Jobs of thousand of person just in Bihar is on stake due to this pandemic and we are afraid all these businesses will not survive this and will be forced to be closed.

We will keep you posted on Hostel & Coaching classes industry as we are Online Discovery platform for Coaching classes and Hostels in India.

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Author: webxvivek