Hostel Life

If you recall your hostel days and try to define it, you will conclude that it is a place where you have to live with the people of your age, a place to practice things which you had never done before, and a journey to the toughest days of your life in the beginning to most pleasant days when you leave. When you enter the hostel for the first time with hostel essentials in your backpacks, you meet with strangers but soon become friends who are in our contact forever. 

However, packing for hostel life is a big deal. Certain articles are mandatory and some are optional. When you prepare a hostel packing list for 2021, you need to insert some special articles in the mandatory category like masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and the Aarogya Setu app. Where initial days are tough to settle down in a hostel, there comes a time when you completely set yourself in that life. Friends become your most precious assets of life and using their articles in their room becomes a sign of friendship. 

As hostel life is full of youthfulness and variation, the boys hostel in Kota and other cities famous for hostels offer the best accommodation with various facilities. This makes our life a bit easier. Though hostellers miss home-cooked food, the food in hostels is a discovery. In such a situation, a packet of Maggi or Yippee noodles gives you a change. However, hostel life is fully dependent on a few pairs of goods that every hosteler can relate with. Here’s a list of 5 pairs of articles especially drafted for hostel life and every student has in their backpacks or hostel.

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Maggie and Electric Kettle: 
Well, that’s a big savior when you get bored of those repeated breakfast and lunch items. An electric kettle is of great use. Apart from making tea and coffee, hostelers use them to cook midnight 2 minute-noodles. Just plug in the kettle, add water, noodles with a tastemaker. You get hot and spicy noodles within minutes to enjoy. Only a hosteler can understand the importance of having an electric kettle. Not only noodles, but one can boil eggs, prepare coffee and boil water anytime. 

Pair of Microfiber Towel:
These are the towels that dry too fast. A pair of the same will serve you for your freshness needs. You can use them simultaneously. They are of multipurpose use. With super absorbent power, they are also used for household cleaning. You can use one towel and let the other one dry to be ready for use. 

Homemade Snacks and Lockers:
Remember the semester holidays with your tickets booked in advance to your home town. Well, that’s an exciting feeling. However, returning to the hostel after a long vacation with heavy bags leads you to a sullen and morose mood. But you will be welcomed with your friends in the hostel when you are accountable for the snacks you have in your bags. You try to hide it in the locker (the only secret place). It saves your snacks along with valuable articles. Though the locker settings differ in every hostel, it is difficult to hide your snacks. Still, you do it even if your effort goes in vain.

Phone chargers & Power Banks:
In the digital age, phone chargers are a lifeline. You can’t afford to let your battery discharge anytime as there is huge data on your phone. Your contacts, emails, photographs, and those Whatsapp groups are a major part of your life. Keep an extra charger in your bag or a fully-charged power bank to save your mobile battery from discharging. It is extremely essential. Your hostel backpacks must have chargers and other suitable digital accessories.

Playing Cards & Friends:
The popular game that starts when friends congregate in a room is the playing card. UNO is one of the most famous card games played when friends, roommates, and hostel mates gather together with cold drinks and chit chats. These are the memories to cherish in the future. So, whenever you plan a gathering the two can’t be separated. 

Sleepless nights, distasteful food, and no privacy. This is what hostel life is. But when you sense the enjoyment and happiness behind it, you will miss those days once you cross that phase of life. Those happy memories stay forever.

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Author: Rohit Choubey