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When the deadly Covid-19 pandemic had hit the nation with rising cases all around, the offices, hostels, hotels, and other lodging places were shut down with immediate effect. This led all the employees to work from home. The entire working setup was created in the home along with the internet connection and there was a huge shift from offices to home. If we recall 2020, most web searches were related to “work from tips”, “how to adjust in work from home” or “tips to manage zoom meetings” etc.

Though the pandemic taught us to adjust to adverse circumstances and made us realise the value of our home, still it was difficult for the people to adversely shift in their homes for offices. Professions like sales and marketing were hugely affected. The dearth in business upliftment was reflected in the economic development index. 2020 was the era where work from home gained immense importance.
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What is “Work From Hostel?” Does it Sound Relevant?
The pandemic exposed India to work from home culture. It had its advantages and disadvantages. However, the vaccine is a great relief. After unlocks, the offices were open with COVID-19 guidelines ad things are coming back on track.

However, many new things are emerging after the pandemic. Work from the hostel will also gain importance in the coming years. Hostels have also seen a comeback in their business after covid-19. Hostels have also started changing their revenue model and switched to per day booking model. Travelers, especially professionals who are into moving jobs like that of sales and marketing can now book hostel rooms at a cheaper price and can stay peacefully to do their work.

There are many boys and girls hostel in India that are running their business with the old model of students’ admission and providing them with the facilities. In such a scenario, the relevancy and sustainability of this concept are not that popular in current days but have a bright future. There are only a few players in the market who offer such services. It will be a tough competition to hotel or hotel by hours industry.

Who will be the Target Audience?
If the target audience for work from the hostel is to be sorted out, then travelers and job professionals related to business development are the core audience. Since they visit multiple places related to their businesses and meetings, they need a place to stay at a cheap or affordable price. In this scenario, staying and working from a hostel room at optimum price is not only an innovation but a sigh of relief to those who are looking for short or long stays.

When will Work From Hostel Trend in India?
The concept is already trending but only in metro cities. Soon it will reach two-tier cities and prove to be the most profitable model for hostel business. To reach pre-covid business levels, hostels are rethinking their strategies and revising their marketing plans. Flexible booking and offering discounts will be another part of the plan. Creating workspace and workstations for professionals is innovative enough to woo travellers. The concept will probably succeed.

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Author: Rohit Choubey