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Staying in a hostel is one of the finest decisions of an individual. It is a life that every youth must experience once in a lifetime. It is a journey from “I don’t share my room with anyone” to “All my roommates are really nice”. Those messy rooms, Late night strolls, midnight snacks, the warden in the corridors, and the kettle noodles; these moments become memorable for a lifetime. This group fun will never happen after a hostel life. It is a place where nights turn into mornings and friends turn into families. You might have experienced these hostel fun memories that you will have with you forever in your life:

  • Midnight gossips with friends: Remember those gossips of your classmates happening at midnight? Those 12AM gossips were primarily affairs, college facilities, and the Head of Department who always appeared as a monster. 
  • Movies and Web series: The guy with a laptop was the king. Students thronged at his room to watch the latest movies and web series. 
  • The Sunday Menu: Usually, Sunday had a good menu for lunch and dinner. The wait for Sunday biryani, or fried rice with Manchurian seems to be the most wonderful day of the entire week
  • Those secret chambers to hide snacks: They were never secret. The snacks were friends’ property. 
  • Midnight Birthday Parties: Remember those splashes of cold drink bottles and the dressing your friend with cake on his/her midnight birthday celebration? A moment never forgettable. 
  • The countdown to go back home: This was the most wonderful moment when the semester exams were over and the countdown to return home started. Those train journeys were the happiest ones.

Girls Hostel In Patna- With Top-notch Facilities and safe Environment
Though the initial hostel days might be painful to someone that takes time to adjust; many immediately adjust to the situation. There is the best girls hostel in Patna that offers the best accommodation facility along with security. Girl students/working professionals who are looking for girls hostels in Patna can easily get them in many areas like:

  • Boing road
  • Boring Canal Road
  • Rajendra Nagar
  • Rajeev Nagar
  • Kankarbagh
  • Bailey road

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Facilities in Girls hostels in Patna for Female Working Professionals:
Working women are always in search of top girls hostels in Patna where they can get flexible timings to get comfortable with the job. If you are in the capital city of Bihar and working in a company, the city offers you a girls hostel in prime locations of Patna where you can book your accommodation in a one-seater, two-seater and three-seater hostel with food. Some of the prime facilities available for girls hostel in Patna are:

  • Flexible Timings:
    Though the hostel management is strict in the entry-exit timings; for working women, it can give relaxation to some extent. However, any flexibility in timings must be informed in advance to the hostel owner and administration department. 
  • 24 Hours Wifi:
    Your work needs a strong internet connection. In girls hostels, there are wifi facilities where one can connect easily and do work from home easily. 
  • Dinning:
    That’s common in every girls hostel. There is a large dining room and an in-house canteen where food is cooked and served. 
  • Laundry/Washing Machine:
    Girls hostels have laundry facilities and there are washing machines available to wash clothes. However, girls can also go for paid laundry, if they want.
  • Security:
    There are security cameras installed in the hostel premises to record entry-exit timings and to trace any mishappenings. There are security guards that work in shifts and never leave the premises. However, top girls hostels in Patna are now planning to install a 4-tier security system. 
  • Common Television Room: Along with the wifi facility, there is a common room for television where they can relax by watching their favourite program.   

Why staying in Girls’ Hostel is a Better Option:
There are many advantages of staying in a girl hostel rather than staying at a relative’s house or a shared flat:

Disciplined and Self-Reliant Life:
Like your professional life exposes you to broader opportunities, the hostel life teaches you self-discipline, self-reliable and an independent life. You start a new life in your hostel. 

You get Better Facilities:
The top girls hostels in Patna offer you the best facilities in the city apart from the common one. Also, you get the flexibility to manage your work timings, and there are no entry-exit issues in the hostel. However, one has to follow the strict rules and regulations drafted for working women

Top Environment to Study:
Apart from working professionals, many girl students need an amicable environment to study. Hostels for girls in Patna give their students a good environment to study. 

Cultural Awareness:
There are students and professionals congregated from many parts of India. This gives you the exposure to learn and experience their culture and lifestyle. It develops cultural awareness and knowledge.

There are multifarious girls hostels and PG available in the city. If you are looking for one, we, Find My Drona will help you find the suitable girls hostel or PG at your preferred cost in Patna. Download Find My Drona App to search the best hostels and coaching near you.

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Author: Rohit Choubey