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The year 2021 has come up with the corona vaccine update that is a sigh of relief. With the recovery rate touching 95%, we are on the verge of winning over the pandemic. However, there are many restrictions all over India on the social gathering. This has led to limited new year celebration ideas. Hostel students, who loved to be party freak on the 31st December eve are now restricted to their homes with zoom calls. Though hostels, schools, and colleges are about to reopen by 4th January, let us share with you some of the virtual new year party ideas to celebrate the online reunion on 31st eve and 1st January.

Virtual New Year Party 2021

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How hostel students can join the virtual party arranged by the group?

If you recall the fun you had last year on new year’s eve; you will miss the fun you had with your friends in the hostel room. The kettle noodles, pizza, the fun of not obeying warden’s instruction, etc were common. However, you are going to miss those in 2021. But the good news is that your group can have an online reunion. It is just a Zoom call away.

Have you hosted an online party before? If no, this is the best chance. There are boys hostels in Patna and girls hostel in Patna which were closed, but set to open by 4th January. Meanwhile, connecting online is the only option. Here are three main tips to start an online party with your friends.

Select the Perfect Video Meeting Platform:
There are many video conferencing platforms available where you can organise a party on a specific date and time. They give you the option to schedule a call or start an instant video call. Zoom is one of the biggest platforms for such meetings. The free version can connect with 100 callers at a time.

Share the Invitation Link in Advance:
After scheduling the video call, you can send the invitation link in advance to your friends. Fix a time and connect online. You can also send reminders or set reminders in the video streaming platform that shoots an automated reminder mail.

Decide your Playlist:
If you have decided on any games or theme party, decide your playlist before. Make sure about your internet connection. It should be technically strong to support your party without any interruption.

Virtual parties have become the latest trend. Here are some new year virtual celebration ideas for hostel students to reunite online in the new year.

Share your new year recipes on zoom call:
Food is the attraction of any party. Especially, when it comes to new year’s eve, it is a must. If you have planned for cooking any special recipe, share them with your friends via video call. Encourage them to use their culinary skills and create a recipe which they love to have. You can also come live on social media and share the video.

Compete for the best decoration:
Parties without decoration are incomplete. You can decorate your room with innovative new year decoration ideas or any theme based decoration. Set up a competitive mood and reward the best decoration. Post them on your profile and social media stories and posts. Decide a prize for the game.

Online Antakshari is the best:
Where karaoke is the latest version of enlightening any party with songs, Antakshari is one of the oldest games played within a group with the same excitement and joy. Enjoy the night by singing Bollywood numbers and teasing your hostel mates if they miss any chance to sing.

Theme Pajama Party:
A pajama party is something which is arranged at any of the friend’s house where the group dances, enjoys tasty food, snacks and celebrate the whole night with merry-making. If you are the host, you can arrange a new year pajama party with your friends online. The truth and dare game or any question & answer round will also work.

Virtual Dinner:
Your dinner table will be the star of the party. Deck up your dining table with tasty recipes and show them to your friends. Have dinner together and wait for the clock to strike 12 at the midnight. So what will be on your menu?

Surprise your hostel mates by food delivery platforms:
How can the group be devoid of new year gifts? You can surprise your hostel roommate with online gifts. You can order their favourite recipe through online food delivery platforms and make their new year celebration go gaga with their most-loved food. Also, you can order gifts online and send them in advance. Do this as a surprise for your friend.

Hosting and celebrating parties online is one of the latest trends in the digital world. It is not difficult to connect with your friends even when they are at a distance. Such parties are not only enjoyable but take everyone’s mind off from the news for a while. If you are missing your friends on this new year eve; get connected online and wish them a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2021.

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Author: Rohit Choubey