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Colleges and universities are imperative. When it comes to higher education, there are several criteria on which a student selects colleges and universities for pursuing their career in engineering, medical research, MBA, etc. Among all the factors while choosing the best university and college; the college campus is also one of the options to consider that how its campus looks, the facilities it provides, and extra features other than academic activities.

Students always prefer to go to beautiful college campuses that entices them. Many universities design their campus in such a manner that it becomes a great place to rejuvenate, learn, and makes you feel relaxed after hectic class schedules. If you have a career goal in your life, here’s the list of the top five amazing colleges and universities campus located in India that you must consider:

5. St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai
This college is the eternal beauty of Mumbai that is spread across 2.94 acres. It is one of the leading colleges of India featured in many Bollywood movies. Its great architecture, better infrastructure, elegant surrounding makes it stand out. It has given several legends to our country because of its better academic activities. The exterior view is inviting enough to spell a cast. It has hostels with best facilities inside the campus.

4.Indian Naval Academy, Kerala
Indian Naval Academy, Kerala is one of the best institutes for navy aspiring students. It is also prominent and known for its beautiful scenery surrounded by mount Dilli and the Arabian sea occupying 2452 acres of whopping land. It posses a well-known library “Panini”. Its sports groundwater pool, shops, medical store, canteen are some specifications of this academy. Its infrastructure is designed perfectly to impart an atmosphere where students can study and excel in every career aspect. If you are about to judge the architecture, then in one word it is “fabulous”.

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3.National Institute of Technology, Srinagar
National Institute of Technology (NIT),Srinagar is also one of the most monumental Institute of India. When it comes to scenery, greenery, and eye-catching exterior, there is no competition. It is surrounded by on the western bank of Dal lake. Located at the lap of mountains, it looks amazing when snowfall happens . It has a wider area for sports activities, great faculties and provide all type of extracurricular activities . It is one of the top-rated college in India placing a plenty of students every year into renowned organisations.

2. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Roorkee
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee is one of the pioneer engineering institutes of India It is one of the biggest IIT campuses in India and renowned for its splendid campus. It was established in the year 1847. It is spread across 365 acres that looks like a 5-star hotel when viewed from outside. Every engineering aspirant dreams to get into this institute. Its architecture compels you to ponder. How it was built, isn’t it? It provides quality education and produces a no of successful placements in some of the big companies. Its campus tour is like when you go once you will hardly convince your soul to return.

1.Indian Institute of Management (IIM),Kozhikode
As you keep reading and getting curious to know which institute is holding the number one rank now the wait is over, here is the most striking college campus of India, It is none other than IIM, Kozhikode.

Then the wait is over. It is located in Calicut (Kerala) and spread across 111 acres. It possesses 17 hostels. Its architecture and infrastructure jointly make it look awe-striking when you will go to this historical college you feel like there is no coming back. Peaceful, in brief, “the heaven in college”.

These five institutions have their features, specifications, facilities, environment, and surroundings. If given a choice, which college campus will you choose for your further studies? Comment below and share your opinion.

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Author: Rohit Choubey