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JEE- Exam, ambition, goal, or dream, you can call whatever you want but it is obvious that it’s simply not just one exam. Split up into two parts, IIT is one of the toughest entrance exams to clear for an aspiring engineer. The strain of this exam can be approximated simply by the fact that from around 13 lakhs candidates appearing for JEE mains every year, only 2 lakhs get qualified for JEE advanced. This is well understood that JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams and thus it needs the right preparation strategy to get cleared. Well, for a reality check, it’s not possible to follow some shortcuts tips and tricks and clear the exam and thus we are here not to provide some ‘aabra ka dabra’ tricks to clear the exam but the right tips on how to prepare for the exam to ace it. Grab the following 8 tips and all the best for hunting down the JEE and other engineering entrance exams.

Build Your Root Strong-

National Council of Education, Research, and Training (NCERT) develops textbooks for students at the primary and secondary levels in India and is taught in all schools. These books are very useful for students to build a grip on their fundamentals. These books focus on the foundations of a subject to help the students clear the basic concepts. NCERT books include almost everything and students can nail the JEE if they have the grip over NCERT.

Rock Solid Attitude-

Clearing an entrance exam is not less than getting involved in a fight inside the wrestling ring, but it is more a mental fight than the physical one and to win it, the fighter should have the right attitude. Quoted by Winston Churchill, there is a statement that says- “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” You need your mental attitude to be rock solid and boosted throughout the process to achieve the result.

Time Is You BFF-

This is the point where a lot of aspirants lack. Time management is just not about being busy and keep studying for 24 hours, it is about being effective and efficient time distribution on topics and papers with proper priorities setting and finishing up with the deadlines. The right strategy is much better than a lengthy study plan or hectic schedule and this is the reason why students with numerous coaching classes sometimes cannot crack the exam and a student without any classes takes the high rank. So here we would like to advise the students who want to prepare for the IIT-JEE better in the shortest time, then there are top coachings are available for them, like that, students can search for good coachings in our FindMyDrona‘s portal.

Questions Give Answers And Answers Leads To Learning-

Questioning is one of the most important factors while learning a particular concept or anything. Keep questioning the theories, concepts by yourself or to your teacher. A simple step to do this is to make notes of your Q&A sessions. Try this formula and you’ll thank us later. Study a unit and attach a “why? and, how?” on that and then find the answers to those and by the end, you’ll find how well you have the grip over the particular unit.


Students start preparing for the JEE with much more motivation but eventually that motivation somehow fades with time. One should be attached to the study plan without fail to hit the bull’s eye. The preparation of the exam needs much more consistency than we think. Students need to stay motivated and keep boosting their energies to stay consistent towards their objectives.


NCERT, your notes, study materials, and previous year questions set, keep revising all your resources from time to time so that you don’t lose your grip over earlier units as you proceed further. Revision makes you more confident as the more you revise, the less the chance of errors is. In fact, it’s best if you include revision in the study schedule.


Practicing the old year question paper sets is as beneficial to the aspirants as their whole preparation. Solving question sets helps the students to assess themselves which ultimately guides them to improve their performance with each question paper set. Self-assessment not only helps them score high but also figure out the specific areas or topics they are lacking behind in.


All the efforts and backbreaking work will go in vain if you are weak and ill and thus maintaining your health is also important to achieve the goal. Healthy and nutritious meal habits with some easy yoga and meditation can work wonders for you to maintain your health. Make sure not to sit consistently for too long in one position as it stiffens your muscles making you more tired.

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