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“Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, REASONS, and RESULTS, and reasons simply don’t count!”- An omnipotent statement by Robert Anthony which states a deep meaning for the procrastinators. Delaying things and actions simply goes nowhere other than waste. Leaving your actions upon tomorrow makes you dull, demotivated, and simply out of focus. If you don’t take time and your things seriously, you will simply never achieve the desired result on time. Procrastinating is the mite that can slowly kill the mightiest wooden blocks. So, to stop procrastination and start using your time efficiently, here are a few tips that will help you get rid of the delaying habit and stay motivated towards getting things done.

Understand IT-

Think, why are you delaying it? What is bothering you to finish that one topic left in the unit? There is a subconscious thought that is telling you to finish it tonight itself but you choose to leave it upon tomorrow. Understand this negative power that is taking you to your comfort zone. Fear of being uncomfortable and getting tired leads you to procrastinate your studies and you end up having the burden of work for tomorrow. This thought of burden simply makes your mind feel exhausted before even starting and ultimately leaves your work uncompleted. Understand this chain to avoid it and make the optimum use of your time.

Align Your Subjects And Lessons-

Start it up with maintaining a diary and to-do lists. Designing a roadmap for completing a work makes it look arranged and makes your mind feel lighter, however, if the works are not arranged properly, it feels like a burden. The same happens with the studies. When we do not align the subjects and lessons to read, it feels hectic and unachievable but if we divide it and set a roadmap, it simply becomes easy and manageable.

Don’t Trap Yourself In A Boring Routine-

Routines bores us and this is a fact and we can’t help it. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this and always advice us to make a routine. There are people in this world who follow a definite routine and hats off to them but following a routine needs a lot of dedication and passion and it is not everyone’s cup of tea as not everyone has to take “inteqaam” from their ex and clear the UPSC, right? Jokes apart, what I am trying to say is despite following a certain routine, keep exploring new things. For example, If you are not in the mood of studying today, it’s okay to take a break and do something else at the study hours. How about learning a song or cooking something. How about planting something in the garden or simply making a cup of tea for the family. These positive distractions will keep you stress-free and protect you from getting bored.

When Feel Like Giving Up-

Well, giving points and advice is much easier than actually doing it and when it comes about delaying things, it becomes tougher with every passing time. There are times when you feel like giving up, sometimes getting distracted from the track by something more comfortable like sleeping or something more enjoyable like watching a movie or chatting. It is not bad to watch a movie or chat but sometimes, it completely takes control over the mind and our attention and focus are hampered. There is something helpful overcoming this negativity and that is imagination. Imagine yourself having achieved that you are working for and see the magic. It will never let you procrastinate again in life.

Social Media Detox-

A lot of people consider it lame and least important but when it comes to studies, it works wonders. Deactivating all your social media accounts and taking yourself aside from social media including Whatsapp gives you fewer reasons to spend time over your mobile phones and helps you keep distracted. Checking out Insta stories and Facebook memes keep your mind occupied and you simply get distracted. You may not spend much time surfing but controlling your mind to not think about that meme you laughed at last night is not that easy. The mind is restless and the more you give it, the more it thinks. So, the rule is quite simple, don’t give it much to think upon.

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