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The festival of Holi reminds us of childhood where playing with colors, water guns, and sweet gujias were the only definition of enjoyment and ecstasy. The famous Bollywood song from the cult movie “Sholay” also signifies the actual meaning of holi. It is one of the most playful times of the year when colors rule in our emotions. The festival demonstrates the real significance of colors that we use in our real life.

Holi- also called the festival of colors is celebrated throughout India with great pomp and show. It also signifies the onset of the spring season in India. People gather on the streets and through colors on each other wishing them happiness and colorful success throughout the year. However, there each color has a religious sentiment and a hidden meaning. We never tried to decode them but that’s true.

Find my Drona wishes you all a very Happy Holi and make you aware of the five vibrant Holi colors and their religious signification.

Red- Symbolises Prosperity and Occasion:
Undoubtedly, Red is the color mostly used on occasion. Especially in the Hindu tradition, the married ladies have to apply vermilion and maintain a collection of red sarees and salwar suits to donne on any festive occasion. Apart from occasional reference, this color signifies prosperity, opulence, and wealth. It is the color used to wish God and Goddesses on Holi and other festivals.

Yellow- Symbolises Health and Happiness:
Where red symbolises occasion, the yellow color relates with health and happiness. Yellow is connected to turmeric that heals our wound and an instant remedy for any cut and inflammation. It cures your body when needed urgently. It is also related to Lord Vishnu as he is dressed in the yellow color. Experts also say that it signifies peace, learning, growth, and knowledge.

Green- Symbolises Nature and New Beginings:
The green color widely represents nature and the healing it provides to human beings. It has more of a medical significance. A patient with high blood pressure levels is suggested to spend time in greenery to stabilize and cure the ailment. In Hinduism, it links to Lord Rama who went to exile in the woods for 14 years and was protected by mother nature. Also, it signifies a good harvest for every year and the commencement of a new life.

Blue- Symbolises Inspiration and Wisdom:
Spiritually, the blue color relates to Lord Krishna, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It is the color of the ocean and sky which means the endless opportunities every human being has in their life. It also represents grace, divinity, stability, and serenity. It is a calming color that inspires me to opt for the best things in life. Royalty and wisdom are the synonyms of these colors.

Orange- Symbolises Forgiveness:
Though orange is not a traditional color on the occasion of Holi, it is frequently used now. It is the color of the sun that symbolises the sinking of all worries, past, and agony and the onset of a new personality in you with forgiveness as one of your prime qualities. It is considered that a person who forgives and has a tendency to let go of situations is next to God. It means a new day and a new beginning.

When it comes to expressing your love and compassion with colors; Holi is the only festival to rejoice. Find My Drona wishes you a very Happy Holi and a prosperous living. Next time when you splash any of the colors on anyone, remember you are not only playing with colors; but you are wishing them health, wealth, and prosperity.

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Author: Rohit Choubey