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Undoubtedly, hostel days are one of the best parts of our life. There are specific places in India that are famous for hostel accommodation for students. One of such vibrant cities where hostels are in abundance is Kota. Being a hub of students who arrive there from various parts of India has made it more vulnerable for students to stay and prepare for their career in various fields like medical, engineering, CAT, MAT GATE, etc.

There are a large number of boys hostel in Kota open for admission throughout the year. Not only boys hostel; the city has girls hostel in many areas with premium facilities like CCTV security, guards, hygienic food, and a good stay. There are common facilities available for boys and girls hostel in Kota.

When it comes to managing such a hostel with the responsibility of students, rules play an important part. The rules framed by the hostel management have to be followed strictly by the students. Some rules are common and some rules are hidden. The word hidden doesn’t mean that the hostel students aren’t aware of it. They are fully aware of those regulations but they are not documented in many hostels.

What are unwritten Rules? Do top boys hostel in Kota follow them?
Unwritten rules are those which might not be duly documented but are followed in every hostel as a regulation. Top boys hostel in Kota and other cities follow these rules and regulations. Though unwritten, but they are compulsory to follow! Here’s the list of 10 such rules that every student must know before entering hostel life.

1. Students are not allowed to organize any group activities in their room:
It is conveyed at the time of admission that students are not allowed to conduct any party or group activities in the hostel premises. Though not mentioned anywhere in any document during admission, it is one of the rules which is compulsory to follow.

2. Only study lamps are permitted after 11 PM:
All the lights, except few corridor lights, must be switched off sharp at 11:00 PM. Students can use study lamps for their studies. In some hostels, you need the warden’s permission to keep lights on after 11 PM. It can only be allowed in certain circumstances like semester examinations.

3. Staffs and Management are not Responsible for Personal Belongings:
Students in the hostel are allotted a locker to safeguard their personal belongings. It is expected for them to be vigilant on the expensive stuff and do not throw them anywhere. Whether it’s money, books, jewelry, or any expensive article, students are responsible for the safety of their belongings. Hostel management will not be responsible for any mishappenings.

4. Defacing walls, furniture or any other property attracts penalty:
Though unwritten, but known by everyone. Any kind of damage done to the hostel property will attract a heavy fine or punishment. If students are caught doing so, they can also be expelled from the hostel.

5. Music/loud talking should not be audible outside the room after 11 AM:
Though music is an important part of life to rejuvenate ourselves from the entire’s day work/study; loud music can make the warden stand out of your room with raised eyebrows. You are allowed to listen to music but not at a high volume after 11 AM.

6. Confiscation of cellphones after 10 PM:
There are best boys hostels in Kota and girls hostels in Kota where students are not allowed to use mobiles after 10 PM. Any failure to follow such rules can result in confiscating your mobile phones.

7. Electric stoves, heaters, are not allowed in the rooms:
Electric or induction stoves or any kind of stoves are strictly prohibited for use in the hostel rooms. There are designated places for its use. The main reason behind their prohibition is the safety of the students. Any accident can occur on the hostel premises. However, electric kettles are allowed in many hostels. It is the reason why we see so many memes on electric kettle and Maggi noodles.

8: Wasting Food & Water will not be Encouraged:
Food wastage is a global issue. Students are supposed to take only that much quantity of food on their plate which they can finish. Wastage is also strictly prohibited.

9: Enter in other rooms with permission:
Hostel life starts with “Please don’t use my bed” and ends with friends lying on your bed and saying”Wait! That’s my bed”. But in reality, you need permission from your roommates to enter their room. Though completely formal, it is a rule.

10: Students are Governed under Hostel Management Rules:
Though it is known and an obvious fact that students are governed under hostel regulations; many hostel authorities fail to convey this to the students. But the regulations never change. Students or working professionals, anyone who stays in a hostel or PG is governed by management rules.

So, if you are heading to the hostel next, make sure these rules might not be conveyed to you, but they are the part of your hostel life.

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Author: Rohit Choubey