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Funny commercials have always been a part of advertising. Whether digital media or offline advertisements placed around the city, it is a part of the promotion of products and services. When you venture across the city, you find billboards, wall hangings, pamphlets, and designs drawn on the walls promoting coaching classes. With great descriptions and amazing tag lines, these advertisement looks great and attractive to students. But have you ever thought about how funny these ads can be?

Besides promoting healthy competition among students, they give you 100 percent assurance of clearing exams. These over promising advertisements are so funny that they will grab your attention immediately and make you laugh out louder. Find My Drona shares 10 such coaching advertisements which you never expected to be so funny.

BBC Classes
BBC is known for its documentary programs and other informative content. But we never knew that they have their coaching center chain in India.

BHANU Coaching:
Well, if you want to be a pro in preparing for bank PO exams, Bhanu coaching is there for you. They make you as strong as the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

From the Era of Mahabharata:
It’s hard to believe but they have 4500 years of teaching experience. The Pandavas must have visited their premises for Dhanu Vidya. Good competition to Dronacharya and Parashurama.  

They can even challenge short-term Memory Loss:
Such great skills the mentors have that they can even treat short-term memory loss. No need for medical practitioners to treat such mental illness.

They are even ready for severe punishment:
Teachers are so confident of their teaching procedure and their guess papers that they are ready to get burned alive if the questions given by them didn’t match with the exam questions. It’s scary but funny at the same time.

When DJ Sir takes your class:
Imagine a coaching institute where DJ Sir teaches you mathematics and science concepts. Will it not be entertaining and funny.

When Physics Teacher turned Dynamic:
Mr. Pankaj Sharma is so dynamic that no other can give his teaching a tough competition.

Physics Trolled Again!
Never heard of any concept called “Ghanta” in physics. Surprised at how can they name their institute and troll physics offline.

Now that’s what Confidence is:
Mentors at Madhav Mathematics are so confident that students cannot leave them after taking a single class.

That’s the height of Advertising English Classes:
No Pun intended! It’s Anu Sharma who is always available to solve your English subject-related issues.

Would you like to reserve a seat in these coaching classes? Share your views in the comment box.

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Author: Rohit Choubey