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Comfortable living, Something that goes hand in hand with study or work when it is about living outside the home at a strange place in a different environment and when it comes about living a comfortable life in Patna comfort is not limited to having food to eat and a bed to sleep. A lot of factors play an important role to provide that comfortable living to a student or working professionals and PGs hold up with a lot of them over hostels or renting a room. Jotting down 10 of the most amazing benefits of residing in a PG in Patna.

Affordable living-

A very basic room provided for residing in Patna starts from not more than 2500 and goes maximum up to 5000 excluding the food. This cost varies on the quality, seats available, furnishing and amenities provided by the landlord for the resider. They can live single or opt for a roommate accordingly when it comes to living in a PGin Patna.

Fewer Boundations-

PGs in Patna don’t have those entry and exit timings like hostels and it is a great benefit especially for those who are working or having late classes. fewer boundation gives the resider ease to stay at a place according to their comfortable timings and not take much stress over the land lord’s or hostel managements.

Less crowd-

‘DO NOT DISTURB’ mode is what we can say a PG in Patna provides to its residing and they can enjoy their solely alone time with 100 percent concentration on their work or studies. There are no meaningless connections, gatherings or other disturbance caused when someone opt for living in a PG in Patna.


A decent PG in Patna provides the resider with the basic amenities like bed, wardrobe, chair- table, RO, wi-fi, food, ac, fan and lightings. Thus, while shifting, people need not invest and take stress over basic furnishing and facilities.

No maintenance headache-

The residing need not worry about maintenance or repairing with or without any damages while staying at a PG in Patna and this makes a PG better option to stay here in Patna than renting an apartment. A PG in Patna comes up with all the benefits of a hostel and an apartment combined.

Convenient and Proximity-

All the areas in Patna are loaded with a lot of PG options to get in whenever needed and thus it is one of the most convenient options to stay here in Patna. Other than that, PGs in Patna are located at the places like boring road, exhibition road, bailey road etc which makes them easily reachable from institutions or working places of the residing.

Living alone or with like-minded people-

PGs in Patna provides the facility to stay alone or stay with like-minded people which makes it a better place than hostels that are flooded with a lot of people. For students concentrating on a competitive exam or professionals who avoid gatherings, PGs in Patna serve with the best facilities to them.

Food and Housekeeping-

A lot of PGs in Patna provides the fooding and housekeeping facilities by adding some extra charge or including those charges in the basic rent itself. By catering these needs, PGs in Patna leads the list of best places to reside in Patna when it comes to living a comfortable life while studying or working.

Visitors can stay-

Staying facilities for visitors is a great benefit provided by the PGs in Patna which are not provided by the hostels here. When a guardian or a friend comes to visit the residing, they have to look for other places to stay if they are staying in a hostel. But PGs in Patna provides the facility for visitors to stay.

Personal Development and Privacy-

Living in a PG makes the residings responsible and develop their personalities in a disciplined way. Taking care of themselves makes the residing responsible enough to live a good life on their own. Also, PG rooms in Patna have the landlords stay in the same campus that provides the basic safety and at the same time less interference provides the privacy needed to the residing.

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Author: Findmydrona Team