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Amar sir Art Music & Dance School Approved by Bihar Goverment and running under Deepayan.


We love to teach and share the dance experience with all ages and levels! Dance gives us all the opportunity to develop physical fitness, emotional expression, creative thinking and spiritual awareness. This unique experience inspires confidence, musicality, generosity, individuality and positive energy which cultivates health and well being for a lifetime. Whether you are an aspiring professional, use dance class to compliment other athletic endeavors, enjoy dance as a means of physical conditioning and stress relief or just want to learn some new moves, the faculty of ADS’ is here to guide each student towards their personal goals.

If you find your body needs a lot of water, it is best to choose a space in the back where you may leave a water bottle handy and you can drink without disturbing the class. However, it is best to drink only at the midway break and then not so much as to have it be uncomfortable while you continue class. When the body is heated, cold liquid is not easily absorbed. Loose jewelry needs to be taken off. Hair needs to be up away from the face in all dance classes. Do not sit down in class unless invited to by the teacher. Repeated actions like getting water, putting on and taking off clothing or warm-up accessories, fixing hair and tying shoes are a distraction to the real work of dance. A teacher may stop to give a correction to an individual in class, but the information she or he is giving can really be for everyone. Listen to hear if this correction may also help your technique. 



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